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1988 Corvette Convertible - 35th Anniversay Edition

1988 saw the 35th Anniversary Edition. White was the theme, in observance of the 1953 Corvettes, all of which had white exteriors. Included were white wheels along with white door handles and side strip. Each of these featured a special badge with an identification number mounted next to the gear selector. 35th Anniversary 1988 White Corvette Convertible
1988 Red Corvette Convertible A front hood emblem and side hood emblem were included as a part of this 35th Special Edition. Also included were a special white leather interior and steering wheel, seat embroidery, console plaque and a console mounted sequence number.
The Corvette engine, still using Bosch sourced fuel injection introduced in 1985, continued its progress towards better fuel efficiency, reliability, performance and driveability. The output of 1988 coupes equipped with the 3.07 differential ratio was upped by 5 hp through a less restrictive exhaust. This same exhaust was deemed too loud for convertible use, so the convertible Corvettes were rated at 240 hp as they were in 1987. 1988 Corvette Convertible Engine
1988 Red Corvette Convertible Interior In 1988, Corvettes utilized a "4+3" transmission. This was a 4-speed manual coupled to an automatic overdrive on the top three gears. It was designed to help the Corvette meet U.S. fuel economy standards. The transmission was problematic and was replaced by a modern ZF 6-speed manual gearbox in 1989.
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